Appellate Arguments

Potential clients should be wary of a lawyer who says that your case is a "guaranteed winner."  In the law, there is no such thing as a "sure thing."  Judges rule against even the best advocates and juries can be highly unpredictable.  Fortunately, our system of justice allows for an appellate court to review decisions by judges and verdicts by juries.  This process helps ensure that judges are following the law and jury verdicts have not been the result of errors at trial.  

Not all lawyers are litigators.  Even those lawyers who litigate cases on paper are not always the best trial lawyers.  And even fewer lawyers have the opportunity or desire to argue their cases in front of an appellate court.  Litigating, trying cases, and handling appeals are distinct skills.  

Today, May 16, 2018, Thorpe & Thorpe, P.A. attorney Shaina Thorpe will be presenting an oral argument on behalf of one of our clients.  We have already presented our arguments on paper  and today we get the chance to talk with three appellate court judges in Tallahassee about why the judge's decision should be reversed and our client should have her day in court.  While we do not know when the First District Court of Appeal will issue its opinion on the case, we remain hopeful that the appellate court will send the case back for trial.  

In the meantime, you can watch Ms. Thorpe in action via the court's live streaming website.  There are three cases set for argument today, with the first beginning at 10 am.  So click on the link below, select the Third Floor Courtroom option, and keep an eye out for our attorneys.  We work hard for you--through trial and appeal!